Fiducia Network - data delivery network for blockchain applications

the CDN network of blockchain data

Fiducia Network is a distributed blockchain data oracle network. The root of the project stems from the team working on some advanced blockchain applications. The lack of reliable and verifiable data source for blockchain application left the team to develop its own distributed blockchain data oracle network. Fiducia Network is thus borne out of necessity.

Smart Contracts and Real World Data

By now, the tech community is aware of the promise of blockchain applications. But what is little known is the fact that most of the data in the world is inaccessible to blockchain applications. What could be done simply with an API call in the realm of Internet application development would be virtually impossible in blockchain application development.

Smart contracts need to be completely deterministic to ensure that all nodes in a network execute the same code. Therefore, by design mainstream blockchains, such as Ethereum, does not support input of data from non-deterministic sources such as APIs or websites, as with each API call at different times, the input data retrieved could be different.

As a result, smart contracts are mostly isolated from the rest of the world, which dramatically reduces their potential.

The Solution

The Fiducia Network protocol aims to create a data network that connects smart contracts to any online data source in a decentralized manner. These sources include, but are not limited to, financial information, credentials, computing results from off-chain computing platforms, and other blockchains.

The protocol achieves this by a network of oracle nodes that retrieves data from verifiable sources. The major innovation in our design is that we take into consideration modern Internet and Wide Area Network topology and position our network as an integral part of the modern Internet architecture.

Fiducia Network can be thought of as the Content Delivery Network (CDN) for blockchain application data that provides data with integrity and verifiability. This objective is achieved through a number of randomly selected, anonymous data retrieval nodes.

We are currently recruiting blockchain application developers to participate in our Platform Test Program. Interested parties please contact us at: {contact at fiducia dot network}