Fiducia TestNet

novel asynchronous blockchain consensus protocol

Fiducia Network utilizes a novel asynchronous consensus protocol developed by top researchers at Berkeley and Cornell.

The consensus protocol used by Fiducia Network is a leaderless and completely asynchronous BFT consensus protocol. This protocol is ideal for blockchains deployed over wide area networks. The consensus protocol is robust in adversarial conditions.

The network nodes operating on this novel consensus protocol can stay hidden behind anonymizing relays like Tor, and the network still makes progress. Unlike other BFT based protocols, which would come to a halt in similar anonymous conditions, our network will make progress at the speed/rate of the underlying network.

In order to foster wide adoption among blockchain developers, the Fiducia Network node is compatible to Geth or Parity nodes. All the existing EVM based smart contracts can be seamlessly deployed on Fiducia Network. The major differentiator is our novel consensus protocol, which offers unparalleled robustness.

Here is a simulation of the Fiducia Network TestNet - updates will be made to the network regularly:

Simulation of Fiducia Network TestNet

Fiducia Network TestNet